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 Career Center Guidelines
The Sorting Hat
 Posted: Feb 24 2017, 02:41 AM

The Sorting Hat
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The Employment Center was made for School Heads, Head Healers and Ministers that are looking for citizens that want to work for any of the three schools, the Ministry of Magic, or Silverwood Medical center. This employment center is also made for the future business shop owners that want a little extra help!

Please make sure to follow the guidelines that are listed below:

•We ask all members post their employment posting in the correct country they have the business in.

•Please do not create one then more topic, only because this helps the consul keep the employment center spam free, and this also give us less work when archiving topics.

•Please do not bump your topic. You are only allow to bump if you have updated your job listing.

•Please apply for a job with respect and maturity. The person posting the job description has thought about their employment posting and has the respect to post it out to the world. The least members could do is show the same respect.

We have a right to change the rules at any time without advance notice or approval and all rules will be followed by the Site Executive Consul. By reading this, you accept the terms and conditions for the site and also this area and at any time, your posting may possibly be revoked if shown bad behavior. Please follow the rules and have fun!


[b]Place of Employment:[/b]
[b]Name of Job Title:[/b]
[b]Job Duties:[/b]
[b]Overseeing Supervisor:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b]
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