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 Housing Application
Minister Jupiter Purkins (M)
 Posted: Jan 15 2013, 01:00 AM

Minister Jupiter Purkins (M)
Offline / Minister of Magic / 28 years old / Jo


Pure Blood
Mayor of UK Towns & Minister of Magic


London Housing

Street Names
Oxford Street
King's Road
Regent Street
Leicester Square
London Complex

This is the application for all housing. Students cannot have any housing as you don't have a job to get paid. You have to at least be an adult wizard or a Hogwart Graduate in order to get a house. Please keep in mind of your position and what you would or would not be able to afford. A Hogwarts graduate for example wouldn't be able to afford much more than an apartment or a mansion.

Please post the application as a topic. When the house is seen, you will be notified via PM to go into the store and purchase the house you want. If you want to order another floor, you'll have to purchase that as well. When it is purchased, you'll have to PM us to let us know you have done so. We'll look for the purchase in your inventory. Once we confirm it, we will work on your place and notify you when it is done. . If your application has been deleted that means it has been made. If you haven't heard back about your application after 24 hours, please PM Minister Jupiter Purkins. Please keep in mind though that they maybe busy with other things. So don't get frustrated if it isn't done right away.

Please remember that a basic two floor house is 1500 hundred galleons. If you wish to only have a one floor apartment, it will be 1000 that will be located in the complexes. These are located within Hogsmeade and London. Any extra floors after two is 500 dollars a piece.

[b]Housing District[/b]:
[b]Housing Street[/b]:
[b]Housing Number[/b]:
[b]Number of Floors[/b]:
[b]Descriptions in the Floors[/b]:
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