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#63 Shouted By: Minister Sophie Duval
28th February 2014
Hey everyone! Make sure you get on top of changing your avatar sizes!

#61 Shouted By: Prof. Connor Lexington
9th February 2014
http://darknessrises.b1.jcink.com/index.ph...t=ST&f=3&t=1334 New staff changes and announcement regarding Deputy Heads of Houses

#60 Shouted By: Minister Sophie Duval
4th February 2014
just to clear the air: ANY ADULTS OF ANY KIND MUST contact ME for the sorting. All Adult applications of any kind also go to me.

#59 Shouted By: Minister Sophie Duval
23rd January 2014
activity check is complete, all members who have been inactive for 14 days or more have been moved to an 'inactive' member group. If you wish to have your character back please contact an admin to move you out of the inactive group

#58 Shouted By: Minister Sophie Duval
23rd January 2014
Avatar sizes have changed to 200x300 .. please make the changes when you can.

#57 Shouted By: Prof. Sofia Leonne
22nd January 2014
While on sabbatical, Headmistress Leonne will still be approving her assigned wall applications and will be available for questions if need be. Patience is appreciated.

#56 Shouted By: Prof. Connor Lexington
20th January 2014
The Headmistress of Hogwarts will be on a sabbatical leave till further notice. I will be stepping in as Interim Headmaster of Hogwarts and I will also be stepping in as Ravenclaw Administration sine the Administration is absent so all questions regarding Hogwarts, Claim walls and Ravenclaw will be sent to me. Thank you all!

#55 Shouted By: Prof. Melissa Pritchard
19th January 2014
Gryffindors! Dorms are officially updated! Make your new claims!

#54 Shouted By: Prof. Melissa Pritchard
19th January 2014
Gryffindors! The Girls dorms are all updated, the boys I am in the process of updating. Please note, you will have to reapply for one!

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