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1. If you were the Minister of Magic for the day, what would you do?
Burn the building down.
I would promote friendship and trust between other ministries. Then I would reward all my hardworking employees!
Request admittence to all the rare books and scrolls that the ministry may hold. You then make copies of them for you to peruse after your day of power is up.
I would ban all Dementors and any pure-blood propaganda.
Torture all the staff members, just because I could.
Organise a little shin dig in the Main Atrium and everyone is invited.

2. You get a below that average grade in a test you revised for. What is your initial reaction?
It's just a test, who cares.
Slightly disappointed, but I would shrug it off and go and play Quidditch.
Frown, mutter under your breath and then get over it. It wasn't like it was an OWL or NEWTs exam.
You are completely baffled. You stayed up every night studying for it! Maybe the Professor marked it wrongly...
Its just a test, who cares.
I'm disappointed because I worked really hard to do my best. But I will see how my friends did and hope they faired better.

3. Your Quidditch Captain falls of their broom in a pivotal match that could get you in the final. What happens now?
Cheer him/her on! The captains a personal friend and I know they're tenacious and will get back on and pull through for the team!
Keep on playing, dude, just keep on playing.
I immediately rally the team and take over the role of captain, leading the team to victory.
Immediately take charge and rally the team to make sure that we do our best.
Laugh at the captain, and play without him.
You get together with the rest of the team and try to come up with better tactics for the next season. You may not reach the final but next time they won't be able to see what's coming.

4. If you had the ability to look twenty four hours into the future, would you? And would you change anything?
Maybe just a peek... If I was worried any of my family or friends would be in danger then I will strive to help them.
You have a final coming up the next day so you look ahead to find out which bits you struggled on the most. You then proceed to learn those off by heart even if it takes you all night.
No. There is no adventure if you already know the future.
Of course I'd look ahead, changing something would depend on how much it benefits me.
Yes but only to see what the lessons are going to be like and if it's worth me going or not.
Give up and just find a way to cheat.

5. A vampire and a werewolf both come out and attack you. What happens next?
Befriend them! But failing that, use the first spell that comes to mind!
You quickly recall the weaknesses of both the creatures that you learnt in your Defense Against the Dark Arts class awhile ago and try and play this best to your advantage. You may even try to use this knowledge to turn them against each other...
HYBRID BABY! Just kidding.. ! Pull out your wand and act tough.
I kick both their asses.
I would get out of the way, because werewolves and vampires are natural enemies. They will sort each other out.
Scream out for my friends to help me and use any defensive spells that I can remember.

6. Your friends suggest a little adventure after you're supposed to be in your dormitory. Hearing a professors footsteps behind you all, you have to do something. What is it?
Face the professors and say your father will come after them if they punish you.
You don't want to get caught out doing something such as this because it will ruin your 'good' streak so far. Thinking quickly you turn to face the Professor and pull out a note from your back pocket. Handing it anxiously over it reads that you have permission to visit the restricted section of the library. You then hurriedly explain that you didn't want to draw attention to it and make the other students jelous.
Pretend to be a zombie or under hypnosis, claiming that you're under the influence of the High Priest, Imothep
We fake illness and claim that we were taking one of the group to the Hospital Wing.
Create a distraction so my friends can get away, even if it means myself getting caught.
Hide behind a wall until the coast is clear, then continue on the adventure.

7. Oops, you over slept missing breakfast and you are five minutes late for class. Turning up for the said class, you see Professor McGonagall substituting. What do you do or say?
Don't say a word and just walk to my seat.
You give her an appologetic look and sit quietly at the back of the class due to not wanting to disrupt any further. Then once class is over you appouch to sincerly appologise and may even offer to do an essay as punishment.
Apologize and offer her a sherbert lemon!
"Sorry, Professor, the Ravenclaw Nargals kept me up all night."
Be honest with her.
Shrug it off and act like a bad ass.

8. Your friend walks into class and has jam on their face. What do you do?
Don't say a word and see how long it takes them to realize they have jam on their face.
Lick it off! Yum!
Point it out and make fun of them for the rest of the day.
The sight amuses you but you stop from laughing seeing as you are in class. The friend looks like a complete fool and despite thinking that you should just ignore it and pretend that it isn't happening, you may offer them a tissue because at least then people won't actually see you with them whilst they look like an idiot.
I would discretely hand them a handkerchief and motion for them to wipe their face, after class we'd share a laugh about it.
Laugh and just come out and say that they had jam on their face.

9. Hogsmeade trip! But your parent/guardian didn't sign the permission slip and you're left in the castle. What are your thoughts?
Not a worry in my mind, I'll just forge their signature.
I know my friend will stay behind with me and we'll make our own fun in the castle.
Sulk and bum around the school.
You have little to ponder upon as the answer in simple. You make the most of the now much quieter library and browse through the sections, that are commonly bustling with activity, at your own leisure.
Forge the permission slip and say you forgot to give it to the professor.
I would go searching for a way out of the castle. My friends will be waiting for me.

10. Freedom for the holidays, what is the first thing you do once you get back to Platform 9 3/4s?
Toss a few tomatoes at your classmates.
Beg your parent/guardian to take you straight to Diagon alley to get the next set of books. No time can be wasted!
Hug my parents and then rattle off about my time at school
Light a plant on fire and let the games begin
I immediately rush to my family and greet them, wish my friends a great holiday and plan a trip to Diagon Alley.
Hug my parents, I already made sure all my friends have my contact details so we can write over the holidays.